Project Aims

Habibullah Geredevi Foundation (HAGEV) was established to support the economic and social development of undeveloped countries as well as supporting the migrants and refugees in Turkey from those countries. HAGEV focused on Syrian migrants/refugees in Turkey and it has been dealing with solidarity and economic and social aid programs. During these support programs, HAGEV decided to focus on children that is the most negatively affected groups within the migrant Syrian refugees. Regarding to this general perspective HAGEV’s general objective of this project is to increase capacity to develop better integration models in policy and applied level in Turkey based on EU policies and experiences.

To achieve this general objective, the specific objectives are as follows;

  • Increasing cooperation between HAGEV and its EU partner in the area of children refugees,
  • Increasing know-how in Turkey with best practices from Europe about legal, economic and social rights of refugees with special emphasis on children,
  • Improving the educational conditions for child refugees in Turkey based on EU model.

The project will have two dimensions. The first dimension is about the legislative and policy level which will focus on the Turkey – EU best practices for migrants’/refugees integration specifically the improvement of conditions for children of migrants/refugees.

The second dimension will be in applied level. Based on the concrete examples and projects studied within the scope of this project, HAGEV would like to create a pilot implementation in Sultanbeyli area in Istanbul which there are many Syrian refugees living. Regarding to these two dimensions the key stakeholders for the first dimension are public authorities in Turkey like municipalities, district governorships, Migration Administration of Ministry of Interior Affairs, Ministry and Directorate of Istanbul for National Education, public schools will be targeted. The specific target group within this group will be the primary and secondary schools. The key stakeholders for the second dimension of the project will be the Syrian Refugees especially mothers and their children.

HAGEV has started several non-profit services for the refugees in Istanbul focusing on children. In cooperation with public authorities, HAGEV is already organizing events with participation of children from migrant/refugee families. During these activities, HAGEV has found that the systematic and sustainable educational activities for children are really needed and supported by the families. Because the education process nearly stopped for all children, it is really important to provide models for these children to continue their education.

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