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Merhum Hacı Habibullah Geredevi Foundation (HAGEV) is a non-profit organization which established in 1995. HAGEV Foundation aims to contribute and develop human rights, social, cultural, religious and moral aspects of our country. HAGEV Foundation was established to support the economic and social development of undeveloped countries as well as supporting the migrants and refugees in turkey from those countries. HAGEV currently has 62 staff mentioned above with nearly 50 voluntaries and it also has an education camp for refugee children based in Gaziantep – Kilis. Activities Scholarship Activities: HAGEV Foundation granted the totally 734 high school students, university students and higher education students since its inception. Also students’ accommodation facilities have bee...Read More


CEIPES is a non-profit European organization with antennas in 8 European countries. CEIPES’ work is inspired by the principles and values of peace and nonviolence, equality in diversity, human rights, democracy and active participation, respect for the environment, cooperation, communication, solidarity, social inclusion, respect, tolerance and interculturality. CEIPES works at local, European and international level with more than 40 organisations and public bodies that work in synergy to reach identical goals. At local level CEIPES coordinates the CEIPES Network, which is based in Sicily and counts more than 20 organisations as well as public and private bodies. The main purpose of CEIPES is to promote the Education and Development of young people and adults through activities in e...Read More

Uskudar University

The Certificate of Incorporation of entitled T.C. Üsküdar University was published in the Official Gazette on March 3rd, 2011 and the establishment of the University has been approved by the Law. This document, hereby, is the declaration to the public in terms of the University’s formation purposes, vision, mission, strategic objectives, corporate values, and quality standards. The Purpose of Corporation Specializing in Behaviour Health and Sciences to perform all the groundwork necessary for the production of knowledge, projects, and academic subjects, to raise fund for this production, to organize partnerships, and to train qualified people. The Innovation Introduced A thematic University in the field of Behaviour Health and Sciences. Under the doctrine of “Integrated approach from...Read More

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