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Routes Toward Italy Narrated by Immigrants

From the beginning of 2016, 124.475 people have arrived in Italy crossing the Mediterranean Sea. Most of them come from Subsharian Africa and had to face a log trip through Africa, whose crossing is the last part of the tip. On 13th September 2016 the Organization of Doctors for Human Rights ( Medu) presented  an interactive map, realized taking into account the proofs of thousand migrants arrived in Italy from Africa in the last three years (from 2014-2016).  More chosen routes. The principal route, followed by immigrants from west Africa, crosses Niger and Libya in order to reach afterwards Italy through the Sicilian Canal ( west- east route). From Senegal, Gambia, Guinea and Ivory Coast, migrants go first to Bamako in Mali and then they reach Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso and, at la...Read More

Scars on the Sea

You have three feelings when you travel: when you dream it, when you do it and when you remember it. Lampedusa is a place where dreams of men, women and children become true. These dreams full of hopes made these families and these children face a very traumatic trip. A dream that becomes a nightmare through the experience of crossing the desert with means of transport that resemble cattle cars, characterised by sufferings because of  thirst, of  famine, of dangerous marauders, and of the evil Libyan situation with its violence and its hard works. At the end of this list: the sea. And, once arrived at Lampedusa, all memories come out, memories of a traumatic experience, scars that are not recovered and are still impressed in their mind after the disembarkation in Lampedusa. I have be...Read More

Specialized Reception Centres: the Case of Palermo

Alberto Biondo did a monitoring activity in Specialized Centres in the province and in the capital city on behalf of the Association:” asylum seekers are thwarted by bureaucracy. The reception system has neither head nor tail and it is created just in order to force people to stay in limbo”. Specialized Centres of reception are more than 10 in Palermo and in its province. They were built to compensate for the absence of places in the ordinary facilities and in services that municipalities created in case of necessity. Today, even if this is their name, they are fully fledged and they are  part of the ordinary system of reception of asylum seekers. In the Sicilian capital city, according to the data collected by the association “Borderline”, the immigrants that are hosted into these f...Read More

The war toward migrants: the disembarkation of Palermo

The last 31st of August, 1169 migrants disembarked in the port of Palermo. Those  saved by the “Garibaldi ship”  which is often in charge of defending our borders, our country and our security, were given a military treatment because some of the staff onboard, , said that there were an” invasion inside their ship” referring to the migrants. This suffices to understand the atmosphere that there was onboard the ship and the consideration that someone has of the saved people. We attended to a “mad” disembarkation and to a institutional disorganisation that began with the Ministry and put a hard test on the Prefecture and Central Police Station while in many other occasions, operating in a completely opposite way, they deal with the first disembarkation in a better and less stressful way...Read More

CSD Projects Started

The project started with a training in Ankara.    

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