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The war toward migrants: the disembarkation of Palermo

The war toward migrants: the disembarkation of Palermo

The last 31st of August, 1169 migrants disembarked in the port of Palermo.

Those  saved by the “Garibaldi ship”  which is often in charge of defending our borders, our country and our security, were given a military treatment because some of the staff onboard, , said that there were an” invasion inside their ship” referring to the migrants. This suffices to understand the atmosphere that there was onboard the ship and the consideration that someone has of the saved people.

We attended to a “mad” disembarkation and to a institutional disorganisation that began with the Ministry and put a hard test on the Prefecture and Central Police Station while in many other occasions, operating in a completely opposite way, they deal with the first disembarkation in a better and less stressful way. They say that “there is something different in the air”. At the port the air seems heavy and gives an impression that the people that arrive are a burden, whether because of their number that bothers, ruins our vacation, our days, despite the money that they help many people earn out of migrants and the political constituents that form during the occasion of electoral campaigns. People have been transferred to the Central Police Station to complete the operations of identification after having filled the sheet of paper about the news of immigrants, already filled by the operator on shift (or by the police mediators) with a cross over all the information, except the one about asylum, and after taking mugshots of migrants in the port.  During the disembarkation there were bad behaviour and forcing. Police didn’t just identify the scapegoat, the presumed immigrant traffickers, but also arrested volunteers of Caritas ( that have been giving food for hours) because they took photos in the same place in which also policeman took photos for their selfies,  in order to post them on social networks! Thanks to the mediation of the Head of Caritas Responsible, it was explained to them that the volunteer, who took this picture like all his colleagues, wanted to document that moment. After this, another policeman excuses himself for his behaviour, maybe because he knows that forcing and violence are useless.

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